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Hersteller: LASAKKat.-Nr.: 9318.00

  • Anatomically optimal solution
  • Case specific angulation
  • Cobalt-chrome, nickel-free alloy base
  • Suitable for cemented as well as screw-retained restorations

The customizable LASAK Cast-On abutment is a universal easy-to-process solution for implant-supported restorations. It consists of a prefabricated, cobalt-chrome, nickel-free alloy base, a plastic modeling sleeve and a fixing screw. The Cast-On abutment enables prosthetic restorations even in cases where the usual system abutments cannot be used.

All Cast-On abutments are supplied with a system-compatible abutment screw.
When tightening the abutment screw, it is necessary to follow the recommendations issued by the manufacturer of the respective implant system.